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 ...I've been a little busy.

I'm just poking up my head to note that my story A Word Shaped Like Bones was published in Lightspeed's Women Destroy Science Fiction special issue this month!  There's been a lot of buzz about the story, which is awesome.

And also, as I do every year, I am participating in the Clarion West Write-a-thon. You can sponsor me here to get updates and excerpts from the book i'm writing currently, called Rise of Grace.
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My RP Group has switched over to an original setting, which is a sort of science fantasy space opera.  This is a bit of background from it.  I really like this piece, so I wanted to share.

Kathil Nasmyth  Cerys Nasmyth
(Kathil and Cerys, just before they meet again after the conclusion of this story.)


The Space Between the Stars

Cerys’s first memory is of her sister singing.

Kathil’s voice is rough, but strong, and she rocks Cerys in the dim light of the wee hours, in this tiny sterile room. Cerys is too young to know the words space station or research or clone. All she knows is that her sister is her guardian, and her comfort. Lorn’s breathing is sonorous where the imkedi sleeps next to the bed.

Cerys is three. Her next memory is of receiving her own imkedi cub when she is four.

Read more... )
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 I find myself making long personal posts on my Tumblr, which is probably adequate reason to, you know, come back here, which is designed for it.

So, State of the Kris for those who haven’t been following me as I have wandered around the various bastions of social media:

Age: 38 (have given in and started saying that I’m almost 40)

Relationship status: single (if anyone has cute bi/lesbian friends they would like to introduce me to, let me know)

Job: finishing up my last few days working at the vendor job I’ve been working at for 3+ years.  Will be starting a new job doing production work on one of the Windows 8 websites in a week and a half or so.  It’s all telecommuting, so hurrah for getting back 90+ minutes of my day and being able to work out in the mornings!  I’m making some changes to my office at home to accommodate this, which is really fun. The office is painted a hideous mustard yellow, so I think I’m going to repaint it…which involves moving a lot­ of stuff out of the room. Whee?  It’s a project for later, definitely.

Location: I’ve been living in Issaquah for the last year, and I love it.  I’m nestled down between a pair of friendly mountains, I can walk to the grocery store, and I’m going to be getting a bike so I can ride around town.  Issaquah is a little out of the way, but over time I’ve come to actually really like it—and I have a direct bus to downtown Seattle for the days I need to be there, for crit group and the like.

Writing: Had a story published in The Colored Lens a little bit ago.  Working on a book tentatively titled The Phoenix Crown.  Have several nearly-finished stories that need to go out for submission, but need a little final polish work first.  I am in that phase of the book where I hate it and writing it is like pulling teeth, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel for the Bad Draft.  My goal for the Bad Draft is 80k words, and then I will hopefully add about 15k words in the first edit.

Anyway.  There’s where I am, and now you are all caught up!

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 I have been making like a duck and paddling my very hardest under the surface.  I am currently about 32k words into The Phoenix Crown, which is a book that I came up with the idea for late last year and that involves a lot of very complicated worldbuilding.  I am having such fun with this book--I have no idea if it's any good, but I am having a really really good time.  I'm doing most of the writing in 1k word chunks, attempting to keep myself from binge writing and keep myself able to do some other writing, like doing revisions on some short stories.

When a mysterious woman named Nonehle comes to Ceris Royenne and asks her to help take the throne of Matinne, Ceris says no. Then the rebel company she leads is nearly wiped out, leaving only a handful of survivors behind. With the life she's built in ashes and pursued by the most vicious of the six great mercenary companies of Matinne, Ceris's only refuge is in audacity--and the throne.

Between Nonehle and the Phoenix Crown are mercenaries, courtiers, the arcane politics of Matinne, and a king who gained his throne by subterfuge and murder. Their allies are few, but Ceris and Nonehle are both in possession of vast and troubling magical talents. They will both have to come to grips with those talents--for Nonehle the ability to to show people the deepest secret fears of their hearts, for Ceris the warmaga talent that is a deadly inheritance from her mother. In a country where hidden blades are everywhere and not even the strongest of allies is what they seem, this pair will take power--no matter the cost.
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 I've been busy throat-clearing in my writing, trying to figure out what to write and when to write it.  A few new short stories have come out of that, as well as a bunch of worldbuilding for a project that I am tentatively calling The Phoenix Crown. And somehow, last week, i started writing on the book without quite meaning to.

My goal right now is 1k words a day six days a week (as Tuesdays are terrible for writing for me as a rule).  I have Scrivener all worked out, I have away of writing when i'm not at my computer, and sometime soon I will have an adorable little tablet for when I'm not near any of my other computers.

Somehow, without really noticing, I'm actually sliding back into the writing habit.  Evidently it's time.
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My story, “Those Who Do Not Reap” is out in the Winter 2013 issue of The Colored Lens!

This was my application story for Clarion West, and I am still very, very fond of it. I am so glad it’s finally found a home! I am also sharing a TOC this time around with Emily Skaftun, who is a CW classmate and an exceedingly fine writer.
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So I have a betta named King Cailan, Fish of Ferelden.  He's usually a pretty good fish--he comes and begs for food, he swims around entertainingly, and he leaves General Loghain (the catfish who eats all of the algae) mostly alone.  He's got pretty nice digs, and his hair fins are fabulous.

The other morning, I went to feed Cailan, and...he wasn't there.  "Hunh," quoth I.  I figured he was hanging out in one of his hidey-holes and didn't worry about it.  And right before I left for work, while my back was turned, he appeared.

Ok then!

So I come home from work that night, and Cailan is missing.  Again.

This is starting to get worrying.  I poke around in the aquarium, to find him. Finally, just in case, i lift the lid on the filter compartment...

...where Cailan is, looking at me accusingly.

Turned out that I'd overfilled the aquarium by a smidgen when I changed the water, giving Cailan a way to get into the filter compartment.  I fished (ha!) my stupid fish out of the filter, took out a bit of water so that compartment is no longer accessible to him, and that was that.

So that is the story of "Cailan is dumb, and I probably need to buy him an aquarium decoration with a better hidey hole if he's that keen on dark, enclosed spaces".

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I’ve been taking care of two households for the past week or so; Bryan and Laura are on vacation, and I’m back down in Renton, housesitting and taking care of the animals.  Fortunately, at the moment my place in Issaquah doesn’t take a lot of taking care of.  I have a fishtank, which I’m doing a fishless cycle on and will be ready for inhabitants in another week or two; and I have plants, and the occasional package that shows up that has to be brought inside.

The animals are all asking what they’ve done to deserve their needs being tended by only one human.  This, they feel, is a far less than adequate number.  I had a friend over for movies yesterday, and Pip spent much of the time she was there leaning on her and looking up at her soulfully. 

I did pop up home this morning, to pick up a package that needed to be grabbed from the post office.  We’re having our usual late-May bout of summer weather in the area right now, and so the air was cool but rapidly warming when I stopped at home.  There’s a lingering chill coming off of the mountain, lurking under the tall pines and firs.  Welcome home, it says.  Welcome back.

I’ve joined a local gym and am working out three days a week, trying to convince my cardiovascular system that it is time to once again get with the program.  I’m banging against some writing, trying to get the crust that seems to have formed on me to come loose.  All these systems that have become stuck need to get unstuck, and now.

Patience.  Patience. 

I think I’m going to the coast this coming weekend, take the dogs and go on a mindful walk.  Blow some of the dust off.  

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...a few of them, at least. i'll be taking more when I get the key on Sunday.

living room
the living room. There's a lot of light in this place, which is one of the reasons I like it. The view out the window is a rock wall and the complex's cabana.  

The fireplace!

Kitchen. That's an island with a bar to the right--it's open to the living room.

bedroom (it's less pink irl)
The bedroom I'll be using to sleep in, which is significantly less pink in real life. (But i'm going to ask for permission to repaint it anyway.)

office closet office
Larger bedroom, aka my office and studio.

The bathroom, which will be the first thing to be repainted...probably in a bluer and lighter version of this color.
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  Packing proceeds apace!  My office is nearly done, and I have one part of a closet left as well as whatever might be in the garage. I conquered Zeno's Bookshelves (seriously, i wasn't sure I'd ever stop having books come off of them!), I've called for all of the utilities and such, and I even did my taxes because I'm awesome like that.

Of course, sleeping is sort of an issue--because I'm emotionally keyed up about the move, the slightest little thing can cause me to get little or no sleep during a nice.  I'm handling that as gracefully as I can manage, but I still feel like I could sleep for a few weeks.
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So, there are Things Afoot.  I'm moving out of the house I've shared with Bryan and Laura for almost seven years in a few weeks.  I have a new place in Issaquah that I'm moving to, tucked right between Tiger, Cougar, and Squak Mountains..  The split has been entirely amicable, they're keeping the animals (the condo I'm moving to is no pets), and I'm likely going to hermit it up for a while before returning to my normal-for-me social life.  So those of you who haven't seen me around for a bit may start getting to see more of me this summer.  

There's something in those mountains that loves me and wants me to live near it.  It's the strangest feeling.  I suspect that I'm going to be doing a lot of hiking, trying to figure out what it is.

I'm doing all right.  Moving is always stressful, but I'm really looking forward to being done and moved in and such.  Bryan and Laura have been wonderful--they're truly stellar people, both of them.
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Today, Siobhan Carroll's story "Remains" was published in the Canadian Science Fiction Review. It's a story about vampires and their lovers...and those they leave behind.

We hear on the radio that a body has been found. A young woman lies facedown in a drainage ditch near Shimpling Park. Instantly, a cold tightness in the stomach. Is that her?

And so we listen, as though the radio’s thin crackle were the oracular voice of the dead.

Seriously, go read it. (Also, Siobhan made us watch the first "Twilight" movie while she was writing it, and I'm glad we got something fantastic for our pain. :)
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 THE MOST EPICLY AWESOMEST STORY! EVER!! , an epic flash piece by my good friend Randy Henderson, is now up at Everyday Fiction.  This was written for a panel on bad writing at Norwescon.  It is, if nothing else, a laundry list of What Not To Do.  It is hilarious, and, yes, awesome.  :)
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Dropping off most social networking for a couple of weeks to recharge batteries and get a project finished. Have fun, kidlets, and don't break the Internet while I'm gone.
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Had a lovely time. Will be a while recovering. Animals claim that they missed me. Pictures later.


Apr. 15th, 2011 12:08 pm
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I'm a fill-in pro this year, which means that I'm only on a couple of panels, but they're going to be fun panels and you should come!

The two panels I'm on are:


The Fiction of Patricia A. McKillip 1 pm Evergreen 1 & 2
Patricia A. McKillip is approaching the fortieth anniversary of her first novel, and she just keeps getting better. Often cited as one of the best living writers of fantasy, her work is complex, lyrical and enchanting. We’ll discuss Pat’s legacy (well more than 30 books and counting) and take this opportunity to ask her questions about her work. Pat’s awards include the Mythopoeic Award in 1995, the World Fantasy Award in 1975 and 2003 and the World Fantasy Award for Life Achievement in 2008.
Liz Argall, Patricia A. McKillip, Leslie Howle, Kris Millering

(OMG I'm on a panel with Patricia McKillip wow wow wow)


Crowns and Swords 3 pm Cascade 4
Countless novels have been set in the intertwined worlds of monarchy and fantasy, often involving epic battles. Given that many fantasy novels are set in worlds drawn from medieval Europe, it’s no surprise to see so many stories based around monarchies—kings and queens, tyrannical emperors and long‐lost heirs to the throne. How much of fantasy’s appeal is grounded in this familiar setting, and how can this long‐standing tradition be updated or refreshed? Or should it be abandoned entirely?
Kris Millering, Randy Henderson, Kim Ritchie, Kevin Radthorne

I'm going to be moderating, yay!
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I'm having one of those weeks, it seems. For instance, this morning this happened:

5:15 AM: Spotty Dog wants Out Right Now. Red Dog snores.
5:20 AM: get back to my room with newly bladder-emptied dog, toss him on my bed, try to go back to sleep.
5:25 AM: Red Dog wakes up, realizes she missed the wee-hours potty trip, and starts crying.
5:30 AM: I return to my bed with Red Dog in tow. Try to go back to sleep.
5:40 AM: Keladry starts pounding on my door, telling me that I have woken her up and that it is time for petting.
5:45 AM: All right, all right, cat. i get up to open the door and let her in.
5:50 AM: Kel spends ten minutes digging at my covers, trying to arrange them. This is not conducive to sleep.
5:55 AM: Greebo hops up on my dresser. He was not happy that I denied him a trip outside while it was still fully dark out. (This cat, as far as I can tell, has never picked up on the fact that we don't let him out when it's dark. According to him, we randomly turn into assholes who won't open the door.) He starts batting things off my dresser. I get up, toss him out, and close my bedroom door.
6:00 AM: Zed is on the wrong side of my bedroom door. Get up to open it and let him out.
6:10 AM: Kel hops up on my hamper as a intermediate step to getting up on the dresser. The hamper, as it does, turns into a kitten trap. I get up to rescue a very grumpy kitten from inside the hamper.
6:15 AM: All is quiet. I go back to sleep...
7:25 AM: ...and only wake up 45 minutes after my alarm goes off.

Someone tell me why we have pets again? As far as I can tell, they're all designed to never let me get a full night's sleep. (Aw, but I do love them, so.)
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