Oct. 12th, 2012

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So I have a betta named King Cailan, Fish of Ferelden.  He's usually a pretty good fish--he comes and begs for food, he swims around entertainingly, and he leaves General Loghain (the catfish who eats all of the algae) mostly alone.  He's got pretty nice digs, and his hair fins are fabulous.

The other morning, I went to feed Cailan, and...he wasn't there.  "Hunh," quoth I.  I figured he was hanging out in one of his hidey-holes and didn't worry about it.  And right before I left for work, while my back was turned, he appeared.

Ok then!

So I come home from work that night, and Cailan is missing.  Again.

This is starting to get worrying.  I poke around in the aquarium, and...fail to find him. Finally, just in case, i lift the lid on the filter compartment...

...where Cailan is, looking at me accusingly.

Turned out that I'd overfilled the aquarium by a smidgen when I changed the water, giving Cailan a way to get into the filter compartment.  I fished (ha!) my stupid fish out of the filter, took out a bit of water so that compartment is no longer accessible to him, and that was that.

So that is the story of "Cailan is dumb, and I probably need to buy him an aquarium decoration with a better hidey hole if he's that keen on dark, enclosed spaces".

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