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 I have been making like a duck and paddling my very hardest under the surface.  I am currently about 32k words into The Phoenix Crown, which is a book that I came up with the idea for late last year and that involves a lot of very complicated worldbuilding.  I am having such fun with this book--I have no idea if it's any good, but I am having a really really good time.  I'm doing most of the writing in 1k word chunks, attempting to keep myself from binge writing and keep myself able to do some other writing, like doing revisions on some short stories.

When a mysterious woman named Nonehle comes to Ceris Royenne and asks her to help take the throne of Matinne, Ceris says no. Then the rebel company she leads is nearly wiped out, leaving only a handful of survivors behind. With the life she's built in ashes and pursued by the most vicious of the six great mercenary companies of Matinne, Ceris's only refuge is in audacity--and the throne.

Between Nonehle and the Phoenix Crown are mercenaries, courtiers, the arcane politics of Matinne, and a king who gained his throne by subterfuge and murder. Their allies are few, but Ceris and Nonehle are both in possession of vast and troubling magical talents. They will both have to come to grips with those talents--for Nonehle the ability to to show people the deepest secret fears of their hearts, for Ceris the warmaga talent that is a deadly inheritance from her mother. In a country where hidden blades are everywhere and not even the strongest of allies is what they seem, this pair will take power--no matter the cost.

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I can't WAIT to read this!

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