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[Kris's notes have been eaten, and part of this recap has been classified. I think there's enough here to at least figure out what the fate of Colin Whitewood Senior the Asshole was.]

Norbrock: City of Stoners )
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But first, pictures of Electra and Iola!

elouai's doll maker 3

elouai's doll maker 3

Skeletons with shovels, cute necromancers with undead girlfriends, troll artists...all in a day's work. )
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[Hey, a recap that didn't take two weeks! For the record, bones and bridges is a form of the game we call backgammon. It's apparently one of the primal human games.]

Touched by an angel (bad touch! bad touch!) )
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[Finally! Sheesh. Now, more Minoan stuff.]

Electra, Argos, Martin, and Iola go out for a night on the town... )
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[It might have been a relatively straightforward underground session. Except in this city, nothing's ever straightforward...]

With friends like these, your enemies are only the start of your problems... )
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[Yes, that's right, it took me most of a week to get this finished. I was working on some other stuff. However, it's here and the next one should be sooner than this one.]

Electra, Argos, and Martin decide to stick their nose into something that isn't, strictly speaking, any of their business, and discover that in this city, collecting rocks can get you killed... )
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[You may notice a certain similarity in names to the last campaign--we're using the same name lists this time around. Do not be alarmed. Any resemblance of that campaign to this one is coincidental.]

blondes who sleep with the fishes, a gnome who draws pictures of naked girls, and an intelligent red ooze...just another hot summer day in the city. )
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[ed. note: there is quite a bit of theological stuff going on here that Martin can't be bothered to explain at the moment. All will be explained eventually. Also, "demon" translates to something that means "not from around these parts".]

a bargeman, a watchmaker, and a goth girl. This is going to get interesting... )
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Finally, a story that only takes up one LJ post! (in retrospect, this should probably have been at the end of the last story, but hey.)

If you'll recall, Livia had just gotten herself into one hell of a lot of trouble, and she was going to need to frame someone else for the thing she'd done...

'It was into this mirror that she frowned now, then tried again.' )
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I have got to find a better name for this series. Perhaps I'll think of something over the weekend...

Livia is sent an ally, a demon is named, and a nightmare returns... )

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