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Kel is helping.

Kel likes to lie on my desk and watch me write, with occasional breaks for petting.
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What these eyes have seen and where these dreams have traveled

There are more pictures posted in the Kittenz photoset on my Flickr. I swear, it's like a 24/7 circus of cute around here.
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totally not bothered by the new digs.
"I like this house. I will keep it."

Kel, backlit
"I'm not so sure, but I'm adjusting."

Kittenz are here, and much picture-taking will follow. Greebo is confused and a little wary. Dogs are being barricaded away from the kittens until such time as all parties chill the hell out. Zed, the boy, is a hugely confident little fellow and has decided that this house is good and he will keep it. Kel is a little warier, and is spending much time in Laura and Bryan's closet while she sorts out her feelings about the move. Click on the pictures above for more!
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 Things continue apace.  The litterbox cabinet is prepared, and we're ready to take away the cat food in the garage.  Greebo thinks that all of this activity is awesome.  "I get a new cat tree, and food inside the house where I don't have to go downstairs for a midnight snack, and it looks like there's going to be an upstairs litterbox!  Yay!"

Just wait until he finds out all the cool new stuff comes with kittens.

Back to writing on the Right Project after a bit of a break; a change in my diet left me pretty dumb for a couple of weeks there, and Azrael is dangerous to grapple with when I'm not firing on all cylinders.  (Heck, i was barely working on the Wrong Project for a while there, and that one is generally less taxing on the brain cells than Azrael.)  I'm also working on a couple of story ideas; I think I know what I'm writing for the mythpunk anthology, and I'm narrowing it down for the yummy anthology.  (And I'm also revising Four Short Songs for Shamisen for [ profile] dark_infidel ; in retrospect, [ profile] satyrblade was entirely right not to pick up this one when I offered it to him.  It's a mess.  A not-unfixable mess, fortunately.  I think.)

I am going to be doing the Clarion West Write-a-Thon--I'll post more details when I have them, but this is your opportunity to support a fabulous workshop run by wonderful people.  My goal for the write-a-thon is to get as close as practical to finishing The Right Project (aka Taker of Souls) so I can move on to writing the frog saint book.  (Yes, for those who've read "The Saint of the Splendid Bullfrog", I'm going to be taking the setting and turning it into a novel.  The story I want to tell with it is way too big to be a short story.)

Back to the workings with me!
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 I'm doing okay.  Losing Juniper wasn't unexpected, and while I miss him, I'm okay with it.  Though it's still weird to not have him begging to be put up on the bathroom counter so he can drink from the faucet, or magically appearing on top of a pile of clean laundry approximately .03 seconds after it's placed on the bed.  (I swear, he had a whole sensory system dedicated to detecting clean laundry.)

And thank you, everyone who commented here or on Facebook and Twitter...I can't really thank you all individually, but as a whole you are all awesome.  Ray and Lorena and Graham brought me flowers on Monday afternoon, which was also an unexpected and sweet gesture.  

So before Juniper got ill, we'd been talking about getting kittens.  Our friends [ profile] pathdancer and [ profile] rocket_jockey  raise Ragdolls, which are completely awesome cats.  We'd also definitely wanted hand-raised kittens; all of us have had much better luck with kittens who were raised by humans who knew what they were doing.  

The upshot is that we're getting kittens!  This boy, and this girl.  They'll be coming home in about a month, when they're 12 weeks old.  We have a bit of modification to my bathroom to do (they won't be allowed into the garage, so the litterbox will be coming inside), so it's good that we have that time.  (Also good for me to finish being a bit sad over my Joofur kitty.)

Brace for many cute kitten pictures.  "_

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prettiest cat in the whole world

Juniper, July 1994 - May 31st, 2010

It was a good run, old man. Give Kallisti good thwap for me when you see him.

(He'd been slowing down a lot, and yesterday he deteriorated pretty rapidly. Turns out that his irritible bowel disease had finally progressed into cancer. I was there when he was euthanised, and he went out purring to the end.)
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Human: *goes to bed, gets comfortable and sleepy all curled up on her side*
Juniper: *hops up on bed* Mom! Oh Mom!
Human: Hi, cat.
Juniper: *pokes human's mouth with a soft paw* Mom.
Human: Oh, you're cold? Here, come under the covers where it's warm. *lifts up covers*
Juniper: *looks at lifted-up covers in disdain* No.
Human: *puts covers back down* Fine. Be that way.
Juniper: *pokes human's mouth with a paw that has little pinpricks of claws in it* Mom.
Human: WHAT? Oh, whatever, go to sleep.
Juniper: *poke* *poke* *poke* MOM.
Human: *grabs cat and pulls him under the covers* Let me sleep, cat.
Juniper: *affronted meep* *crawls out from under blankets*
Human: *falls asleep*
Juniper: *pokes human in the mouth with lots of claws* MOOOOOOOOOOM.
Human: Whahunh? Oh. *rolls onto back*
Juniper: *settles down triumphantly on human's chest* *purrs*
Human: I don't like sleeping on my back.
Juniper: Tough titties, Mom. You are the best cat bed ever, as long as you're on your back. (stretches out, pats human's nose with a paw*
Human: You'd better be glad you're cute, cat-thing.
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Romani poses for the camera
Originally uploaded by Nareshe.
Romani posed for me when I was down taking care of cats last night. Got pictures of everyone except Wolf, who has not forgiven me for washing his butt the first time I came down.

(Wolf is 26-ish pounds of extremely fluffy cat. He occasionally has poop issues. I will spare you the descriptions. It's a good thing I like Jen and Storm as much as I do. :)

Also note: Romani's pupils are actually the same size. The blue of her irises gets more intense near the pupil, is all.
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Originally uploaded by Nareshe.
This is Kimba, who lives with [profile] zondrrrah and [profile] tieyah out at Catstead, who I've known for most of his life. He's a lovely cat, always willing to come up for a petting but never pushy. He can be a goofball sometimes, especially when he perches on the top of the bookcases and turns his head upside down and looks at you. (I laughed so hard the first time I saw that!)

He's 15 years old today. And he has a blood clot in his heart, so it's time for him to take the Long Walk.

I'm disabling comments on this post--leave condolences on Laura's post about him, if you feel the need.

We've had so many cats go in the last few months. I'm going to give Juniper extra snuggles, since he's 14 and is getting to that age.
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Pip went to the vet to have a retained baby fang pulled, and for a urinalysis.  The baby fang came out without incident (and we have the fang!  It's very cool) and her urinalysis says that Pip's urine pH is all wrong, and she has crystals, so she's on the special dog food from here on out.  This is probably why we've had the problems with housetraining that we have, so when her bladder's more comfy we should be able to get her completely housetrained and start taking her to dog class.

She was a little more sleepy than usual last night, but this morning she's romping like usual, so she'll be just fine.

On the other hand, there is Selena, who yesterday started acting very ill, peeing where she was standing and being all wobbly.  Poor thing.  She's been at the vet overnight for IV fluids and a hot water bottle to warm her up.  She's down a pound and a half from when I took her in to have her thyroid retested less than a month ago--poor thing is only six pounds now!

The vet is supposed to call this morning and tell us how she's doing.  I hope she feels better.

And in yet more news, I am currently the only non-sick human in the house.  Both Laura and Bryan are down for the count.  I did, however, finish Book 2 of Imryne last night, so I should post that tonight and then whip out a chapter of <em>The Water and the Wild</em> this weekend.

Currently, though, I have vampires and werewolves on the brain.

Also, these scarves?  Beautiful, but I'm sorry, there is no scarf worth how much they want for theirs.  Except maybe a vintage Hermes. 
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Greebo has much to say!
Originally uploaded by Nareshe.
Click through to my photostream to see the rest from today.

Greebo meowed at me as I pressed the shutter. Hee!
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I bought some Hot Cats cat toys tonight, as the one I have is quite battered and much-loved by several cats, and I thought that it was about time to add enough so everyone could have one. These are pretty indestructible, and filled only with catnip. (potent stuff, too--whew!) The one I had before is about three years old and still getting loved on a regular basis by all four cats, which is a testament to how sturdy they are.

So two of the new ones were given out upstairs, and the big one was brought upstairs, where Selena proceeded to cheerfully maul it. When I was last downstairs, Juniper and Esme were gnawing on two of the toys, while Greebo looked on sadly. He tried to approach Esme for hers, but she was all, "Mine! Miiiiine!" and he backed off.

Definitely a successful catnip toy.

Edit: Greebo is now up here cheerfully mauling the insert that comes with the toys, which I brought up here so I could get the URL.
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There was an Incident last night, evidently, that left one Juniper highly stinky.

So first order of business this morning was, yes, a bath.

Juniper's actually pretty good in the bath, after the first few minutes; he's even trustworthy to let go of for a few seconds before he figures out that nobody's making him stay and he tries to bolt. (Not the brightest cat in the world, really.) He does *not*, however, enjoy having his butt washed, and that was the bit that desperately needed washing.

After I let him out of the bathtub, he was so wet and miserable-looking...and non-fluffy. Half of his size is fluff, and it's really weird to see him with it all wetted down.

I released him from the bath when I was pretty sure his butt had been rendered non-stinky, and towel-dried him, another process he Does Not Enjoy. He then set to washing himself with a resigned air, like, Sigh. All wet. Hate life.

Greebo's all "Doooood. You're wet. Were you in the rain? That's dumb."

Juniper, of course, won't remember a thing an hour from now. That's the beauty of being a blissfully dim cat.
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There's a paper box lid on the floor, and she has been in it for the last two hours, and shows no inclination to leave it.

So I took a picture of her.
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A couple of weeks ago, in a fit of i'm not sure what, I bought a Roomba. In large part because one of the few household chores I really dislike is dustmopping the floors downstairs, which ideally ought to be done about four or five times a week to keep the tumbleweeds of cat fur from developing sentience.

I hadn't gotten around to actually turning the thing on until last night. We brought all the cats inside, just to see what they would do, and pressed "Clean". It burbled happily and went on its way.

(This Roomba does not have a light that means Evolution occurs over the course of multiple generations or I don’t want to get eaten. That must be on another model.)

Of course, the first thing it did was to lock itself in the bathroom. I beleive the Roomba's name is Marvin.

After we rescued the bathroom from it, the cats came and had a look.

Selena: "I do not beleive it has legs, and therefore it cannot climb stairs, so I will retreat upstairs."


Esmerelda: "It is strange, and I will watch it from the safety of a chair."

Juniper: "What is that? I cannot comprehend. I will follow it around! Help, it's chasing me! Yet I cannot look away!"

Marvin was bound and determined to clean under all of the chairs a few dozen times, and did, actually, a pretty good job overall. When it returned itself to its home base to recharge and rest, Juniper hopped up on the couch next to it...and watched it. He was apparently convinced it was going to start moving again soon. "It's only resting!"
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I'm ready for my closeup!
Originally uploaded by Nareshe.
Took pictures of cats today. The one I've posted is my favorite of Selena, even if she's just a touch blurry. She is so posing, here.
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This morning, Juniper had his morning treat (with his medicine in it, as usual) and then decided he wanted to go outside with Greebo. (Greebo has a morning constitutional, except in the worst weather--he goes out after morning treats, and generally arrives back at the house before we leave for the day, has some breakfast and a nap, then goes outside again when Laura comes home for lunch.) Juniper's not usually interested in morning outsideness, but this morning the abundance of sunbeams lured him out.

He didn't go really far. I was writing at the kitchen table, and saw him poke around the deck, looking for a place that was just right. He finally found it, flopped over, and proceeded to sun himself.

For this cat, sunning is no passive activity. He goes at sunning with all of the determined luxuriousness of a beach bunny looking for the perfect tan. First, there is the sunning of the ears and the back. Then one side, then the other. Then, sitting up, there is sniffing at the air to make sure that, say, crackers have not appeared suddenly next to him. Then he rolls over and suns his belly. It's a very fluffy belly, and there's a lot of it. He has to wiggle around quite a lot to get the proper distribution of sunbeams on his belly.

Finally, he was done sunning, and came inside for breakfast and, I assume, a nap. Because that's pretty much what he does every day. At 6:30 he'll start hanging around the door, wondering when I'm going to get home.
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Eighteen pounds. I thought out loud that perhaps his winter coat accounted for a couple of those pounds; Dr. Dan disagreed. I observed conversationally that life is short and he likes to eat; Dr. Dan wondered in response how I would feel about that philosophy when Joe got diabetes and I had to give him shots three times a day. I announced in a confident tone that surely I could find a solution besides putting the cats on a diet; Dr. Dan agreed that cutting Joe in half would certainly solve the problem.

"Or you could just make sure he gets more exercise."

The list that follows is long and extremely funny.
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Watching everyone post their NanoWriMo wordcounts, I got curious about my output for this month.

Not counting journal entries and other assorted randomness, I wrote 78,314 words between the beginning of the month and today. I'll probably write another 3k easily in the next day or two.

Now, of course, i demur a little bit and note that not all of that wordcount was mine, since Storm writes his half of the Constantinople dialogues. Still, that's a pretty respectable amount, and it does include a good chunk of book chapter as well.

It's like this pretty much all the time around here, i fear...

Edit: I will have another 3k words done if certian CATS (I'm looking at you, Selena and Esme) would kindly become convinced that I, with the opposable thumbs and the ability to speak and write English, am in fact a better writer than their butts, and stay OFF of my keyboard.

Because "nhj vfjn v vnvhbfckjn v lk knbklfcnvklfc nkvl"? Not a really good sentence. Far too few vowels, to start.

Edit 2: And OTHER cats (GREEBO!) will stop attempting to eat my art supplies, including my glue brush and my rulers. That's distracting. Especially when you go "mrr mrr mrr rrrRRRrrr mrrt *grunt*" while doing so.


That's it. Going to bed now.

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