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One last Constantinople post. This was the playlist that I listened to over and over while I was working on the sotires. (This is mostly for my own future reference, but I thought that someone might find it interesting.)

songs, lyrics, and my notes )
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One of the last two Constantinople stories. Yep, it's endgame time!

[Note: edited from the original, quite significantly; if you were following along and were like, "but she didn't answer some of the huge questions Pollius raised!", this answers most of them.]

She was about to do something that would either save her, or damn her and all of her people... )
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[For those who are following along, no you're not insane--Iraeus was originally listed as a priest of Athena. We already had one of those, so he became a priest of Ares. I'm going to be going back and fixing it on the site when i upload the last couple of stories.]

The sun was sliding towards the horizon... )
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Part one of two. The plot's thick as molasses and only getting more so...

The harpist entered Livia's chamber... )
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Finally, a story that only takes up one LJ post! (in retrospect, this should probably have been at the end of the last story, but hey.)

If you'll recall, Livia had just gotten herself into one hell of a lot of trouble, and she was going to need to frame someone else for the thing she'd done...

'It was into this mirror that she frowned now, then tried again.' )

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