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[this is that ending/epilogue I was talking about before...That's right, Flower of War is finished.]

the day of the cat is upon Jade... )
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[aww, shoot, i didn't manage to keep this one quite short enough to fit in one post. Live and learn... The next one should be posted in the next couple of days]

A plan is uncovered... )
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[I'm a bit behind on this. Let's just say that a couple of stories from now, things are going to start getting all kinds of fucked up.]

Fatigue was beginning to dog Jade's heels... )
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If you'll recall, when last we saw Jade she was trying to figure out how to get three potential sacrifices out of the Temple, having had her entire worldview more or less shattered by her god.

She's already in over her head, and she's barely even begun.

[Note: yes, I know leopards are African; I'm using the word here to denote a black jaguar. Also, traditional nahuales aren't exactly what we think of as werecreatures, but they're close enough for me for the moment.]

The moon, not quite full, rose over the Temple of Tenochtitlan... )
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[geekery, cowritten just like Constantinople was.]

I'm always interested in what happens to characters after the standard fantasy tropes, after "happily ever after" happens.

In this case, this is the standard "plucky girl disguises herself as a boy to become a fighter, turns out to be good at it, gets exposed for what she is and then is saved by divine intervention" story...only that was years ago, said girl is a woman now and well-established in her place in the world, and she thinks that the hard part of her life is over and done with. She's happy and well-adjusted, and she's done exactly what she wanted to do with her life.

Jade Reed is about to find out what comes after happily ever after, first hand...

My name is Jade Reed, and I belong to Huitzilopochtli, the god of war... )

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