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One of the most terrifying sentences I've heard recently is, "So it looks like Martin has a kender in his future."

Oh, dear.
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[A couple of notes here--one, when Palil says that the dragons get into harness, she actually means "harness" as in the archaic term for a suit of armor. Second, Graham, who plays Galen and Tchar, did actually fall asleep during the session. When you do that, in the recap you drink yourself under the table and blissfully pass out.

Oh, yes, and i'm calling the campaign Tiamat's Kittens for the moment. It's a play on the name of a WWII fighter squadron.]

The squad cleans up after itself, displays initiative and immediately covers up the evidence of initiative, and gets invited to the most interesting things... )

also, the first part of Things the Squad is No Longer Allowed To Do in the Dragon Corps )
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[geekery alert!]

Gaming's started up again. This time, each of us are playing two characters--a dragon, and their bonded rider. For the moment, we're staying away from combat, since our guns are bigger than our shields, so to speak.

So come with us, as we explore life in the Second Regiment, 4th Division...

'She is mine, and I am hers...' )
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We were at the end, we thought. Everything was over, we were going to go home.

But Anubis, as we discovered, had other plans...

In Which Anubis is a formidable Enemy, and the Travelers find Themselves in South Dakota )
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We'd fought one battle, and prevailed. But Menes was still out there, and he'd saved some of his nastiest surprises for the last...

In Which the Travelers meet Interesting new Dragons, and Kill Them )
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A shortish story, and one that came out a lot differently than I thought it would. I was braced for this to be an angstfest, but Sitefnut surprised me, and so did Soren.

'And that's it? Hello again, nice to see you, you go your way and I'll go mine?' )
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We were preparing to bring Menes to us, massing all of our forces at the black pyramid near Amarra, waiting for him to come to us.

Of course, the old lion had more than a few allies on his side, and a few nasty surprises left for us...

In Which the Dead Return, the Sea comes to Amarra, and Negotiations Fail )
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We had taken care of two of three pharaohs in Dahshur. But of the three, the most dangerous was left, and he had an artifact of such power that we had no idea how we would counter it.

It turned out that the most dangerous thing of all was not knowing what the enemy wanted...

In Which a Miscalculation Leads to a very bad though Temporary end )
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Things were beginning to come together, and we'd discovered that there would be a meeting in the city of Dahshur of three of the pharaohs, where they would be discussing inciting civil war.

We decided, on the whole, that we really wanted nothing more than to beat them to it...

In Which Xeres is Taken, Pharaohs miscalculate their Allies, and Raam Abuses his Power )
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Short recap this time, with groundwork being laid for plot-type stuff but not much actual plot happening. However, this is twice in four days that my character has died, and this time she wasn't even doing something stupid. (Er. Well, I suppose stupid is relative. Heh. But she was hanging out casting spells on herself when the dragon decded she looked like lunch.)

Anyway! On with the killing!

We had discovered that we were near where a old pharaoh named Nefrusobek had been spending his time. It was time to head into the desert to find him and whatever it was that he was seeking...

In Which Mayet speaks to a Building, Desert Dwellers are Suspicious, and Sitefnut Miscalculates )
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We had come to the exit to the upper world, and discovered that we were beneath a temple of Anubis, a large and active one headed by a formerly undead pharaoh named Amunhotep.

Five hundred Anubites stood between us and freedom, and I had a feeling no matter what we tried, we were going to have to go through them...

In Which Battle is Fought, A Temple Falls, and there are Suspicions about Sekath )
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We continued on our way in the strange place we had found ourselves in, exploring our way through. We would find things strange, lovely, and terrible, and one thing unexpectedly precious...

In Which Grrrbek is in his Element, Bden is Strangely Helpful, and there is an Unexpected Visitor )
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[geekery. Is it ever anything else?]

Our two companions safely returned, our attention turned to another pressing danger in the form of an army of winged hyenas that were bearing down on Pi Rameses, and the ancient evil who led them.

I had been working on a way to free the maresh from what held them prisoner, but another way came open, only this one had a terribly high cost...

In which maresh Threaten, Amunet gathers No Moss, and Sitefnut fails a Duty )
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So we'd managed to get two of our number captured. We had to leave them where they were overnight, but the next day we of course mounted a rescue mission.

And were rejoined by an ally we had not seen for a while, and our small god managed to do some very impressive damage indeed...

In Which a temple Falls, Pepy is Surprised, and Amunet is more than One Person )

And also, Menes' notes on the maresh )

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