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I have five full cans of paint that I wish to give away.  Freecycle won't let me post them, and I would really like to see them go somewhere they'd be used rather than putting paint-drying stuff in them and tossing them.

I have (all of these are unopened and full!):

2 gallons of Kilz Premium primer
1 Gallon Devine Frost (light grey, Delicate finish)
1 gallon Devine Reef (light blue-green, Delicate finish)
1 gallon Devine Icing (white, Delicate finish)

Devine paint is amazing--it's thick and goes on like a dream.  The colors are all created with Pacific Northwest light in mind.

Does anyone want these?  Or know a charity that will take them?
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 Okay, I need some non-faceblind people to weigh in on something.

I have a character who is about to encounter someone he met, oh, maybe three or four times about five years ago.  Though this person was involved peripherally in some really significant events in his life, they never really got to know each other.  (They don't consider each other friends, or even really acquaintances.)  He also is going to be about fifty feet away from her and he won't have a clear view of her face for more than a few seconds.  She doesn't have any immediately distinctive features apart from her race.

How likely is it that he'll recognize her?  Right now, I'm having him go, "hm, she's sort of familiar", which I think is realistic given the distance.  Does it change the odds that he'll recognize her if she's standing next to someone who strikingly resembles someone else from that period of his life (which possibly adds some context)?  He has a reasonable memory for faces that gets a workout on a regular basis.

Faceblind answer: not a snowball's chance in hell would I recognize this person.  I'm guessing that the neurotypical answer is going to be different.  :)
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(Okay, you're not, but you're all smart!)

I'm doing internal layout for a trade paperback in Adobe Caslon. What do you guys like for a display font to go with Caslon? Sans serif preferred, bonus if it's something that comes with CS3. :) This is a small spec-fic anthology with a theme of "music", if that helps. Casual-ish is fine, novelty is not. (This is the font that titles will be in, so it needs to be immediately legible.)

Thoughts? Suggestions?

ETA: I actually quite like both Champagne & Limousines and LT Oksana for this project. Oksana is...quirky, but I think it might work. I'd probably have to see it in place to figure out if it's right.
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Does anyone local have a cat who eats Hills Feline C/D dry food?  We have an excess of it now that our cat who needed it is gone.  If you do, let me know.
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Im my spare time between writing and editin, I've been playing with Illustrator, trying to come up with a decent cover for the Western.

I have a concept I like, but there are two fonts vying for the lead role on the cover. (sizing, spacing and leading and such has yet to be done; there are a thousand little details that will get adjusted before this goes out. Because I don't know how wide the spine is going to be, finalizing cover design will be the last thing I do before printing.)

First up, we have Trajan Pro:

Last Fire -- Trajan test

Trajan is the movie font--if you've seen an epic movie in the last several years, you've seen Trajan. Trajan is epic, it's clean, it says "Hello, I am a Title".

Second, we have a little font we call Bleeding Cowboys:

Last Fire--Bleeding Cowboy test

I have an irrational fondness for this font in this context. I adore the ligatures and the roughness in contrast with the smoothness of everything else on the page. But especially those ligatures.

I don't know. What do you guys think?

[Poll #1328762]
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What would you call a class of animals within Infraphylum Gnathostomata that is largely distinguished by having two brains and six limbs? (If the class translates to "two minds", that would be perfect.) I can do the Latin but not the Greek.
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Hardware people, help me!

The situation: I have a desktop computer with digital video output. Said desktop hooks into a LCD monitor with both analog and digital inputs.

I also have two laptops, one for work and one for personal use. Both have analog video outputs.

I would really like, when working from home, to hook up the work laptop to a KVM switch and be able to switch between my desktop machine and my work laptop. It would make working from home much more pleasant. However! I cannot find a KVM that does both digital and analog. (could hook up both the digital and analog inputs to a KVM switch, that's not a problem; the monitor detects what it's getting and adjust accordingly.)

Anyone have any ideas for a KVM switch that would allow me to do this?
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I'd like to send Mom a couple of books for Christmas, but most of my reading this year has been limited to research books. I need suggestions!

Mom likes high fantasies, especially "light" ones, and requires happy endings. She *loved* Eragon, and has a history of liking Anne McCaffery and Mercedes Lackey. I don't think she's so big into the urban fantasy genre, since her reading is strictly escapist. Creepy and difficult books are not eligible to apply. (As much as I love them, I know my mom doesn't. She doesn't even like Neil Gaiman.)

Any ideas for new-ish books or new authors my mom might like?

(No, I am *not* buying her the Twilight series.)

Edit: The Curse of Chalion and the first two Sharing Knife books won!
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My major project for the first part of 2009 will be a Western-with-a-twist.  (It's a bit of a long story why I'm doing this particular project; just suffice it to say that this will make someone very, very happy.)

However.  I know just about zero about Westerns and the conventions therof, and without that knowledge I can't do this right.  So, LJ Brain Trust, I need your help!

I need examples of good Westerns (spaghetti and otherwise), both movies and books.  I'm going to be re-reading Emma Bull's Territory as a starting point, since I know she bends the genre but good in that one.  I know I must have some Western fans in my audience--someone throw me a rope here.
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I want to rent a creepy movie for Halloween.

Note that "creepy" does not equal "gory"; in fact, a movie with little to no blood would be best. I'm thinking of something in the vein of Sixth Sense, The Others, or mmmmmmaybe The Ring. (which was just at the bounds of my tolerance for creepy and might be beyond Laura's.) I'm looking for mindfuck, basically, not serial killer.

Any suggestions?
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My person for this weekend's shoot had to cancel. Anyone interested in taking her place? It would be either Saturday or Sunday afternoon, and you would need to get yourself down to Renton. It's the usual deal--you sign a release and in return you get physical and digital prints.

Note that next year I'm going to start charging for shoots like these, so this is one of your last chances to get a shoot while I'm still in practice mode.

(Also, if I've photographed you and you're happy with my work, I'll be asking for blurbs for a Web site that I'll be putting up this fall. Early warning for you guys.)

In other news, I had dinner and cupcakes last night with [ profile] thewronghands and [ profile] maramaye , who I hadn't met before and who I immediately liked. I had an excellent time; there was lovely food, conversation, and of course cupcakes.

Getting up there proved to be a breeze; I left work at 5:30 and was looking for a parking spot on Capitol Hill by 6. (That never happens!) This left me with some time to kill, so I wandered around and popped into my favorite "look but never buy" clothing store, the Metro.

Now, I'm used to being ignored in clothing stores on Cap Hill. I am most assuredly Not Tiny, and most of the clothing is aimed at people who are size 10 and below. I also, on first glance, don't look particularly like someone who might buy a corset or a plaid skirt.

So it surprised me when one of the guys staffing the Metro actually came up and started talking to me. He'd seen what I gravitated to, we discussed the pros and cons of bubble hems, and he said, "You know, we have this dress in your size, want me to get it down for you?"

I just about fainted. That never happens to me on the Hill. I didn't have the time to try it on and nowhere to wear this dress if I did (it was a black frothy confection of sparkly tulle), but I was irrationally pleased that someone had taken the time to actually try to sell me something on the Hill.

Which is a little odd, but hey.

(I also found a place that was selling the most beautiful scarves. I may have to trek up there this weekend and pick up a couple.)

Writing night tonight, or so I hope. My laptop purchase is back on, so I need to figure out which laptop I'll buy. The Voodoo Envy 133, no matter how much I love it, is probably not going to be the laptop I end up with; the newest reviews aren't encouraging. I'm thinking about the Thinkpad x200. Anyone know of any comparable ultralights I should be looking at? I haven't investigated the Vaio line yet.
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I want to sell a whole whack of CDs, and not go to too much trouble in doing so. Anyone local have any ideas on how I'd arrange this? (sell to someone who will resell on amazon? Does Silver Platters buy CDs?)
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The nudge to get another tattoo I've been feeling is starting to get a bit more urgent, so I am looking for names of tattoo artists that you guys have worked with before.

I'm looking for something pretty simple in blackwork, but I need help with design. Anyone have anyone they love working with, who does good one-color work? I'm willing to travel locally from Olympia to Everett and east a bit if necessary.
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If you had most of a Saturday by yourself in Washington DC (from about 10 am to 3 pm) what would you do?

I am pondering going to see the National Mall and the Natural History Museum. Any good places to eat/chill near either of those places?
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I need someone who speaks German to make a couple of accounts on a site for me.

Let me know if you're willing and your email, and I'll send you the info.
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I need to learn how to mat photographs.  This is something I've never done before, and I have no idea how hard it is to learn.

Are there local matting classes?  Is it something I can teach myself?
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Someone important to me is having triplets in July or so.  I would like to buy them a Whole Buttload Of Diapers (tm, pun intended).  Unfortunately, I have no idea what the best kind of disposable diapers are.  (They've requested disposables, and with triplets I'm sure there will be no time for laundering cloth diapers!)

So!  Parents!  What is the best brand/kind of diapers for babies who are just-born and likely to be quite wee for the first few months?  (I'm guessing that they'll be in preemie diapers for the first few months, knowing how triplet pregnancies tend to go.  However, I am unwilling to make that assumption and go with the tiny diapers, so I'm thinking the newborn diapers will come in handy eventually.

Thoughts on diapers, anyone?

(And what makes this all the more amazing is that these are natural triplets.  My friend evidently was just having an Extremely Fertile Day when she got pregnant!)
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So I have this Web site ( ). I'm currently using a hack-y LJ embed to get news on the front page, which I hate for a number of reasons, mostly involving the fact that it's slow.

What I want here is something I can host on my side of things, that does the following:
  • Allows me to post updates on the main page
  • Keeps old posts on an archive page
  • Spits out an RSS feed people can subscribe to
  • I can use CSS to style however
  • Is lightweight!  I don't have a huge number of posts, images, whatever on this site.  I am comfy with HTML and would just do all of this in HTML if it weren't for the feed issue.
Bonus points for not being database-driven, since if it involves MySQL I have to involve Bryan, because me and databases utterly fail to get along.

Any suggestions?

Edit: Pivot looks like it might fit the bill... claims it's available as a FreeBSD package, even!
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I have a friend who needs to consult with a lawyer about a lease they need to get out of.  Local to the south end is good but not required, and someone good with contract law or rental law would be very good.

Comment or send email.

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A coworker of mine is going to Portland with her parents this weekend.  She was just asking me about cool neighborhoods that are kind of like Capitol Hill or Ballard in Seattle, and funky, fun places to eat.

Anyone know Portland and have advice?  Comment and I'll forward.

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