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For those of you were were following Tiamat's Kittens: Do you have any unanswered questions? Anything you want to know? Any comments?

I'm not currently planning to return to this world for a while, but hey, there are a lot of stories in this world that haven't gotten told yet, so I'm not discounting the possibility of coming back.
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[Ed. note: there are things that make better gaming than fiction, and vice versa. I've gone with a slightly different version of events than what happened in the actual session, because it makes a better story.]

the final battle comes... )
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[By the way, if you want to hear the song that I'm going to be writing to for the next few Tiamat's Kittens stories, go see a fan-made video for The War Was In Color, by Carbon Leaf. Also, you can read the lyrics. Also, phooey on characters who turn out to be more perceptive than you think they're going to be.]

Palil finds out some bad news, and Sondirra tries to pull a fast one... )
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[the first section should have gone at the end of the last recap, but I didn't get it done until a couple of days after the recap was posted, so it goes in the front here. One more session until we're done!]

The squad goes to Pskov, and discovers that there is a price for using Bahomet's armor... )
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[Ran a bit long, and the end went off into okay this is weird territory, but hey. Sometimes, characters are a lot like dominos. You spend a lot of time setting them up, and when you kick off the chain reaction they go down all smooth and pretty. Hm. That wasn't exactly what I meant to say, but it's late and I should be in bed.]

Allies go down, one after the other, and someone has to step into the void left behind. )

Another part of Things the Squad is No Longer Allowed to Do in the Dragon Corps )
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[This was not nearly as NC-17 as it could have been. It's still PG-13. More than you probably wanted to know about dragon reproductive cycles. It was fun to write, though. Something finally goes really right for Palil. It's been a while.]

Palil finally gets brave and confronts some of her feelings...and just in time, too! )
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[I could have sworn I posted this, but I guess I didn't. It takes place right between the last story and the recap posted yesterday. There are still some touchy places between Sondirra and Jordan, and this story's partially about one of them.]

I was almost asleep, lying on my stomach with nothing but a shirt on... )
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[Okay, she didn't die after all. Accounting later said that she hadn't. Yay for poor arithmatic skills on my part. Lots of little details in this one that may or may not bear fruit later.]

One big, phallic, pink crystal. Two people who need to be rescued. A thousand enemy soldiers camped near by. Hilarity ensues. )
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[I was not expecting to write this. It was supposed to be about ten paragraphs that was going to close out the recap. Once I got into it, I realized that Gannon was irritable and seriously wanting to speak his mind to Palil, and I was finally like, "Okay, go for it, she needs a good talking-to, and you're the only one who's going to give her this particular come-to-jesus speech." And then a couple of suggestions from Storm made things suddenly go where I really wasn't expecting them to. Poor Palil. What she really needs is some therapy, but I don't think there are dragon therapists. There probably ought to be, though.]

There's that temper of Palil's again... )

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