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Ever wanted to own one of my prints? Here's your chance! Each of my prints are mounted on lightweight matboard, and all of the color prints are on a metallic paper that just drips with saturated color.
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Pictures from my Iowa trip are now up at Flickr!

A preview:

blue in the morn

of my memory
For those of you who have read Black Angel Crossroads...this is the titular Black Angel.

Alex, Melanie, Brian


Oct. 3rd, 2010 06:26 pm
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First, a picture of Miss Keladry in a basket:

kitten in a basket!

That's my toilet paper you're shedding on, kitten.

After the cut: a few of my favorite pictures from the Northwest Trek expedition last weekend! Or click on the nice link to go to the set!

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Is a honeybee tongue.


If you look closely, you can see the bee licking the minerals that have collected on the side of this water tank in Arizona.
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I spent last weekend about 30 miles  from the  Mexican border, in southern Arizona.  My dad used to work out at Fort Huachuca as a contractor when I was but a wee pup, and we drove onto the base to take a peek around.

And lo and behold. they had one of his projects sitting out in a park!

my dad and his plane

This is a RC-12G Crazyhorse intelligence aircraft, aka Project Guardrail.  My dad worked on a number of the systems for this one, most of them having to do with the intelligence-gathering parts of the planes.  He did get to fly one during a test run, which he said was a lot of fun. 

My dad's retired now, as is the RC-12G, but I don't think I've ever been that close to something he worked on before.  His projects don't often make it into museums.  (The other project he spent many years working on, the Quick Fix helicopter project, is still in use in the Middle East as far as I know.)

A few other pictures from the weekend (or go to the set to see more!):

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calling all angels

(go to the album)

As always, the 4th of July was wonderful. It's always good to see everyone, collect hugs, and blow things up.  As usual, the food was excellent (the goat cheese macaroni and cheese was amazing), and the company just as good.  The fireworks took almost two hours to go through this year; we went a little overboard.  :)

And for the first time in ever, i came home without any mosquito bites!

B&L have taken the dogs and gone to the coast, so I will be basically working, writing, and playing Dragon Age (they released a DLC today) for the next few days.  I have been having some misadventures in kittens.  I forgot that you have to keep them awake in the evening, because if you let them nap they'll be up at 1 am, playing with your blinds.  

But quiet time is good, as is housecleaning, and I'm getting both of those in this week.
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I was so busy during Norwescon that I barely pulled out my camera. I did get a prime seat for the Kitten Sundae concert, though, and did what photography I could from where I was.

Two of my favorites are here; click through to go to the album and see the rest. Represented in the album are [ profile] vixyish, [ profile] solcita, [ profile] s00j, and more!

Sooj, Vixy, and Alec:
and we all sang along

[ profile] leannan_sidhe, briefly returned from the Midwest, dancing:

seen and unseen

Edit: I am possibly a bit too fond of the Sin City Lightroom preset...
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So I have owed [ profile] eleri pictures forever and ever now, and I finally dug myself out from under the pile of things I needed to do enough to get them processed.

Below are two of my favorites--go through to the set to see the rest.

just look at that smile! belly cast
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We had our usual Halloween party last night...and as usual, it was awesome.

what she grieves

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concerned otter would like you to tell him your troubles.
Concerned otter would like to hear about your mother.

I went to the Northwest Trek photo tour yesterday, and it was worth every single penny I paid for it. Seriously, it was amazing.

Some of the story and my favorite photos below the cut.

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here I am
Originally uploaded by Nareshe.
To the Bellevue Botanical Garden. ([ profile] 3smallishmagi should go there sometime!)

The set on my personal account is here. Or you can go here to look at my professional Flickr account--there are different pictures there!
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insane lilacs
Originally uploaded by Nareshe.
I've been planting lilacs along the side fence for a while now, and finally, this year, one of them blossomed. When I looked at it, I immediately remembered why I had planted this particular lilac variety--look at those blossoms!
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we is awesome.
Originally uploaded by Nareshe.
Taken yesterday in the backyard. Note nicely mowed grass--that is all [ profile] hrhwillows fault!
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Romani poses for the camera
Originally uploaded by Nareshe.
Romani posed for me when I was down taking care of cats last night. Got pictures of everyone except Wolf, who has not forgiven me for washing his butt the first time I came down.

(Wolf is 26-ish pounds of extremely fluffy cat. He occasionally has poop issues. I will spare you the descriptions. It's a good thing I like Jen and Storm as much as I do. :)

Also note: Romani's pupils are actually the same size. The blue of her irises gets more intense near the pupil, is all.
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random me
Originally uploaded by Nareshe.
The rules:

Take a picture of yourself right now.
don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair...just take a picture.
post that picture with NO editing.
post these instructions with your picture.

Taken last night at Storm and Jen's, while I was writing and letting cats play on my legs. I look like I was called for but couldn't come.
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big grin
Originally uploaded by Nareshe.
I uploaded a few dog pictures this weekend; this is my favorite of Boone, who is posing like the happy boy he is. I've been working on getting back into running, and have been taking both the dogs with me when I go out. Boone loves to run, so very much. He's built for both speed and distance and has a ground-eating lope with a stride length that just about matches mine.

Pip's been coming along, and will be until I graduate from running 90 seconds at a time to 5 minutes. Pip is a born sprinter, and it's hard for her to remember that we are running together, not playing chase. She does settle down at about the mile point, when her initial energy is worked off. I'm actually not worried about her balking when she gets tired or having to carry her. She's so game that I'm mostly worried about her hurting herself by trying to keep up with me on the longer stretches. Her stride is shorter than mine and Boone's, which means that compared to Boone she's expending more energy running than he is.

But for the moment, she comes along, and she loves it. We stop for potty breaks a few times per run, and the dogs run with their tongues flapping in the breeze, just happy to be alive and moving.
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where all the light has gone
Originally uploaded by Nareshe.
...have been posted on Flickr. Yes, I'm working on catching up, but I needed to have my submissions ready for the photowalk pool by Tuesday, so that's what I started on.

Click through to see larger and go to the set.
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caught with his tongue out!
Originally uploaded by Nareshe.
Other than that we have a couple of strange dogs. :)
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when songs do no justice
Originally uploaded by Nareshe.
The featured image is a lily in the Point Defiance lily garden. Highlights of this set include many flowers, otters!, a walrus!, my mom and dad, and scenic views.

Click the image or go to the set to see the rest.
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thinking hard about that bottle
Originally uploaded by Nareshe.
...I've uploaded pictures of an extended-extended family baby to Flickr. The rest of the pictures from the zoo trip will be coming later this week.

This gave me some practice removing the inevitable scabs from a baby's face. The Photoshop heal tool is fabulous.

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