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I had opened the front blinds so I could vacuum; we usually leave them closed as Pip likes to let us know whenever there is anyone in the cul de sac, which she thinks of as Hers. She'll sit on the back of the couch and watch out the window all day long if we let her. A few minutes ago, this happened:

Pip: Someone's in the street! Bark bark BARK!
Boone: Pip is barking, must relay the message! *goes into a paroxysm of barking that quickly resolves into actual howling*
Me: Hilarious, dogs. Shut it. *gets up*
Boone: *shuts it*
Pip: *fails to shut it*
Me: *goes downstairs*
Pip, the moment she sees me: Bark? Errrr.
Me: You just lost window privileges, dog.
Pip: *rolls over on back, looks cute* That was...Some Other Dog! Not me! I'm cute and sweet and I would never bark like a mad thing!
Me: So where is this Some Other Dog?
Pip: ...invisible?
Me: Good try. *closes shades*
Pip: *follows me up the stairs and throws herself at my feet, sighing* I am SO DEPRIVED.
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I've been falling behind in my dog blogging duties!

I mentioned a little while ago that Boone was feeling under the weather. Turns out he has Addison's Disease, a fairly rare endocrine disorder that he is the wrong size, age, sex, and breed to get. Our dog is an overachiever!

Addison's is a very serious disease that can kill dogs if it's not caught early enough; fortunately, we have a good vet who took very vague symptoms and came up with the answer. Boone will need a shot every 30 days for the rest of his life and occasionally some supplemental prednisone (since he no longer makes some of his natural steroids) but other than that, he should live happy and healthy and long. It took him a couple of weeks to really bounce back from being sick, but he's on his second shot and he's feeling a lot better.

Otherwise, he's doing very well; he generally comes when called, he's learning how to sit for greetings, and he did brilliantly at the party this weekend. He's still not very good with children, but I think I see some signs of improvement on that front.

Pip is still a ball of fur and love. She is of the opinion that once she is lying on a human, she is completely absolved of any responsibility for anything. "Gravity?" she says. "Gravity is your problem now. You won't drop me. I know it." She goes limp and cuddly and it is very, very cute, which is a good thing as she has gone through a series of terrible adolescent phases. The list of things she has eaten and/or destroyed is long. I will be so glad when she finishes with the whole puppy thing!

We're in training class with both of them, and I think this time we'll go on and do the advanced obedience class as well.

(I think I had more, but this damn headache is kicking my butt. ow.)
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I has a hat! Her name is Pip.
Originally uploaded by Nareshe.
I think the st00pid-happy look on Boone's face really says it all.
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I took Pip on some errands with me today, to the vet and to Mud Bay and then through the Starbucks drive-through. It all went really well, at least until the end. There were kids at the vet, which made Pip very, very happy, as well as a giant boxer to which Pip was very obviously saying, "WHOA. I didn't know dogs came that BIG! I'm a puppy, see, i'm lying down!" I handed her leash to the boys (two of them, probably eight and ten, obviously brothers) while I was paying for Selena's medication, which made both sides happy. It's nice to have a dog that likes small people rather than treating them at best with distant suspicion and at worst with outright hostility. Mud Bay (local crunchyhippie pet store) was all kinds of sniff-worthy, as well. Then we drove home.

Unfortunately, Pip evidently gets carsick. Breakfast came up while we were in line for the drive-through, which was not pretty, but fortunately it was only part of breakfast. The rest of breakfast waited to come up until we were home, thankfully. But she is happy as can be, and I got a fun toy for them at the store (a tennis ball with a fake fox tail attached to it, with a squeaker hidden inside) which is an instant hit.

Today, writing alternating with cleaning, i think. I've been putting off some chores that really need done.
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SO pleased with the hounds right now. I just went for a walk with both of them, implemented Brilliant Idea (two leashes the same length, Humans Are Unstable lessons), and I suddenly had two dogs, both walking on loose leashes, with the least amount of rioting necessary, in a reasonable approximation of heel. (Boone a tiny bit ahead, Pip a bit behind.) They did almost everything right, including aforementioned loose leashes and minimum of rioting, as well as sitting before crossing roads. So, so pleased. Makes up for this morning's Puppy Riot in a big way. We even passed Big Barky Police Dog's yard without much fuss.

Very happy with puppies now. I have an errand to run, and they'll get to run around afterwards and then they and I will have a shower. Right now, I'm letting them run around the backyard and get filthy, because they deserve it.
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can I go out, lady?  Please?

Baby fox:

I think I have a little kitsune on my hands.
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Argh. Dogs.

Okay, I did discover that Pip, when by herself and once I'd expressed to her that Humans Are Unstable in terms she really understood (changing direction randomly helps) is really good at walking on the leash. She walks on a loose leash and in the heel position and oh my goodness I was pleased with her once we'd gone a little ways. Must just get her to do that all the time so I can walk her and Boone together more easily.

(It's also about time to buy her a training collar; I need to remember to measure her neck, since she's such a wrestler-shaped dog.)

We're currently in the phase of The Magic Bell Always Opens The Door, though, which makes life interesting in some ways. The Magic Bell is the bell we have hung by the back door that the dogs are supposed to ring to let the humans know they want to go out. Part of potty training is, when the bell is rung, to always go to the door, put the dog that's rung the bell and is waiting patiently by the door on a leash, and go outside with said dog and let them do whatever they need to do, then bring them right back inside.

However, there is a phase with the Magic Bell where the dog has discovered that ringing the Magic Bell means that the door opens, and this is new and interesting power. So the dog rings it about every five minutes, just for novelty's sake. It's important to keep up with it, no matter how frustrating it gets, because the phase does end after a week or two. Supposedly.

Pip has gotten a lot better about actually going when I take her out, having mastered the art of the courtesy tinkle, so she spends less time in the crate. But last night, man. I was attempting to write a sex scene involving four characters, and every five minutes, Pip was ringing the Magic Bell. So I would get a couple of sentences done, start getting into the flow of it, and *ring ring!* goes the Magic Bell.

This is not conducive to even getting the basics of the geometry of group sex right, much less making it flow correctly. I finally tossed Pip in her crate for twenty minutes, where she sulked, and then let her out and enjoyed a full half hour of not getting up to take one dog or another outside.

I did finish the scene and then the story, which I will be editing and posting tonight, but it took me quite a bit longer than it did. I have a lot of respect for people who write with children in the house. I can barely do it with dogs, and I can shut the dogs in their crates if they annoy me overmuch. (I try not to do it at night, because they're currently in their crates for eight hours a day.)

I think I'm going to start using Laura's desk in the library to write at, since it's closer to the door and doesn't involve me getting comfy on the couch and then needing to immediately get up to let the dogs out.
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do you have...cheese?
Originally uploaded by Nareshe.
Click on the image to see this one bigger, and see more.

They have been complete and utter brats today. Complete. Utter. Fortunately, now Boone is sleeping and Pip is cuddling with Bryan.
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Princess Pip is in to be spayed today, since she's showing signs of being an early bloomer and it's better to spay cats and dogs before they figure out what sex is for. So I dropped her off this morning, she'll get spayed today, and she'll come home tomorrow morning.

I'm hoping this vet visit helps with the pee-spotting issue--whether she's marking or has a bladder infection of some sort, we don't know, but it's a bit annoying.

Boone is going to be incosolable tonight, I fear. Ah, well.
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puppies, sacked out
Originally uploaded by Nareshe.
One seven-pound girl puppy + one twelve-pound boy puppy + a day's worth of rain + a mad dash inside like a speeding bullet + Kris sitting on the couch = HI LADY WE GET YOU ALL WET NOWS!

However, I managed to teach Pip that sitting down gets you treats, and I think she's learning her name.

This picture was taken last night after they had both sacked out in my office. Right now, it's World Puppy Federation Wrestling behind me.

Pip update

Nov. 14th, 2007 04:37 pm
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We've survived the first few days with Pip, and I have to say that she fits in really well to the household. Amazingly well, as a matter of fact. After initially not being sure about Boone, she decided he was really, really okay, and Boone is completely, totally, over the moon about her. I had no idea that getting another dog would make him as happy as it has, but he already seems calmer. This is possibly because he spends hours a day playing with Pip, and it tires him out.

She remains calm and very lovey. She is also totally Bryan's new girlfriend; he watches TV at night and she snuggles with him and sleeps. And...she jumps. Everywhere. Up onto the beds, on the couch, sailing off the rock wall in the backyard because it takes too much time to find the steps down. She thinks the cats are uninteresting, even Greebo, which is good. The worst they get is a sniff and a "you fail to be interesting".

Greebo is also very happy that Pip has arrived, since it means he no longer gets his ears cleaned out five times a day. (Boone has an ear fetish.) Crate training is going well, the crying is now limited to a little bit after the lights go out at night. And it's extremely cute to see Boone and Pip lying side by side in the crate, both of them munching crate cookies.

We're going to have different training difficulties than we did with Boone, though. Puppy origami is surprisingly difficult with her, I haven't been able to use a treat to make her sit yet. (Puppy origami is the art of using yummy treats to get puppies to sit, stand, lie down, and occasionally bow; it's precursor training for sitting and lying down on command.) We're going to need to do some work to convince her that she does need to be walking on a loose leash.

But she's smart. Really smart, as far as I can tell. She's pretty much potty-trained at this point except for a few accidents and some marking, and she has already figured out that if she butters up the humans, she will get picked up, and being carried around is better than walking any day.

Princess Pip she is!
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looking contemplative
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I went out with them this morning during one of their play sessions and took pictures. Click through for more cuteness!
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So it happened like this:

I got home on Sunday from my trip to the peninsula (more on that later; let's just say that I love the place deeply even when it doesn't treat me so well) and Laura said, "there's something you need to see. Come with us!"

So I did. We went to the pet store, and there was this puppy. Tiny. Adorable. Friendly. Calm. And able to cast Charm Person with great effectiveness with an eye-blink and tail-wag.

I was like, "Um, no...we just got DONE with puppyness! But...awww...." Boone was so excited to see her, his whole body was wagging. He loves other dogs; he is pretty much a completely dog-focused dog. I'd been thinking on and off about the possibility of getting a companion for him, but I was like, "no, no more dogs."

I wandered off to get some coffee, and as I was walking down to Starbucks I thought, "Her name is Pip."

It was all over the moment I found her name.

Pip is very calm. She loves Bryan, loves being picked up and snuggled (and has earned herself the nickname Princess Pip because of it), thinks people are the best and Boone's pretty good too, and ignores the cats. She was raised in a daycare, so she likes children. She knows "come here", though she doesn't know her name quite yet. And she jumps! It took Boone until he was seven months old to be jumping as reliably as she is at four months. She's also partially potty-trained, though we're having a few adjustment issues.

She is not crate trained, though, and she cried off and on all night, even though she had Boone in the crate with her for company. She'll get used to it really quickly though, I think, once we manage to introduce the concept of "crate = safety, security, and cookies" to her. She also doesn't know how to walk on a leash really well yet, but that should come quickly as well.

Boone loves her. LOVES. When he's not playing with her he lays down and looks at her adoringly. He follows her everywhere. Not determined yet which of them is going to end up dominant, but I have this feeling she is. She is a Princess, after all.

New skills we need to learn: walking two dogs at once, keeping track of two puppies at once, managing to call only one dog at a time. Right now, I call Boone and Pip comes.

So, um. Puppy! Another puppy! (oh dear gods, another puppy...)
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Pip, the first night
Originally uploaded by Nareshe.
...but this is the newest member of our household. Her name is Pip. She is 3/4 Pomeranian, 1/4 Dachshund, and all cute.

Boone, needless to say, is in LURVE.

More pictures here:

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