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The fifth book of Imryne, of House Melrae is called The Hierophant of Fanaedar. This is the cast of characters. I'll post a link to it at the top of every story; readers are likely going to need it. Readers should feel free to point out omissions and mistakes. :)

Dramatis Personae and Reference )
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Boone has been a pretty good dog so far this week--still acting like a puppy, but in some indefinable way for me he seems to be actually paying more attention. Which is good, because for a couple of weeks there I was worried about his extremely high level of distractability. We played outside with the tunnel yesterday, and I think he was actually catching on that the "Tunnel!" command means "go through whichever end of the tunnel you happen to be near right now".

It's all groundwork for agility, eventually. In July, I'll look at taking him back to school, starting with Basic Obedience. He seems to be having a long attention span these days, which will help a lot.

So...there's this serial we're doing next. We were going to go do some Vikings and rune magic and boats and things, a long-plot serial like we haven't done for a bit.

And then Storm got bitten by another one entirely. And then he talked to me about his idea and I got bitten by a character. So the next serial we're doing is the Native one, set somewhere on the western plains in the late 1700's.

So that should start soonishly...after I finish Black Angel Crossroads. I'm hoping to make this weekend a pretty solid writing weekend and run through the rest of it. It's complete and shiny and in my head now; I just need the time to actually type all the words.

And I just spilled coffee all down my front. Go me!
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My camera and lenses have shipped, and are both supposed to be here on the same day! Also ordered another flash card, and am contemplating an additional battery or two.


If you like to follow my serials but they get lost in everything else I'm posting, and if you use a RSS reader, there's an easy way to make sure you never miss a serial! If you're reading a serial, you'll note that the title of the serial is in a tag at the bottom of the entry. (I also have links to the serials on the right side of my journal, but I think very few of you ever actually see my journal layout.)

Click the tag, and then check the right side of the page--you should be able to see a "Syndicate" section there. Get the URL you need (RSS works for most readers), and tell your RSS reader to subscribe.

And there you go! New serial entries will arrive in your reader as they're posted.

Current serial RSS feeds are:

Shadows and Silk
Sleepless Streets

I'm still working on getting the serials into a Website format, but this might be an aid for folks.


Just finished Mordred, Bastard Son by Douglas Clegg. I initially didn't like the book much; the characterization of Mordred was exceedingly one-note (he's gay, whee! hitting on monks, whee!) in the first chapter or two. It calmed down a lot as the book went on, and I felt, in the end, like the story and the character had found a comfortable place together, and Mordred had become a much more complex character.

And to be fair, this is a book about Mordred's formative years, so I can forgive a bit of YA-angsty "when will I ever find someone to sleep with?" woe-is-me speechifying. Some of the secondary characters were well-drawn, especially Mordred's mother Morgan and aunt Morgause, and the hermit that Mordred eventually falls in love with.

So my verdict: good, and worth wading through the first couple of chapters to get to the good stuff.
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The link to Wired's six-word stories is going around, and I decided to give it a shot.

The serials I've worked on, in six words each:

Shades of the Silent
Genghis Khan's daughter has daddy issues.

The Twilight Cycle
Old gods, busted. New gods, hotness.

Tiamat's Kittens
Military brats take over world. Yay!

Not For Jade
Kitsune is fucked up, marries mantis.

The Living Sands
Why won't these pharaohs stay dead?

Strange Packmates
Hyenas laugh. Hyenas remember. Tragedy follows.

Every Sacred Thing
Never, ever trust a rich mage.

Flower of War
Human sacrifice is murder? Well, shit.
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[This was not nearly as NC-17 as it could have been. It's still PG-13. More than you probably wanted to know about dragon reproductive cycles. It was fun to write, though. Something finally goes really right for Palil. It's been a while.]

Palil finally gets brave and confronts some of her feelings...and just in time, too! )
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[I could have sworn I posted this, but I guess I didn't. It takes place right between the last story and the recap posted yesterday. There are still some touchy places between Sondirra and Jordan, and this story's partially about one of them.]

I was almost asleep, lying on my stomach with nothing but a shirt on... )
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[Okay, she didn't die after all. Accounting later said that she hadn't. Yay for poor arithmatic skills on my part. Lots of little details in this one that may or may not bear fruit later.]

One big, phallic, pink crystal. Two people who need to be rescued. A thousand enemy soldiers camped near by. Hilarity ensues. )
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[I was not expecting to write this. It was supposed to be about ten paragraphs that was going to close out the recap. Once I got into it, I realized that Gannon was irritable and seriously wanting to speak his mind to Palil, and I was finally like, "Okay, go for it, she needs a good talking-to, and you're the only one who's going to give her this particular come-to-jesus speech." And then a couple of suggestions from Storm made things suddenly go where I really wasn't expecting them to. Poor Palil. What she really needs is some therapy, but I don't think there are dragon therapists. There probably ought to be, though.]

There's that temper of Palil's again... )

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