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I wish there were a good way to distribute the songs for these, but a number of them were bought from iTunes, and the whole thing is too long for a CD. Pity.

But here's the final playlist, just in case any of you were curious as to what music I was obsessively listening to while writing Sleepless Streets.

clickies for the list, and some explanations! )
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It's quiet in Kaladreega. Too quiet... )
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[This is actually the recap for two sessions rolled into one, due to me being too busy on Black Angel Crossroads to write Sleepless Streets.]

Baby dragons, blobby demons, ancient vampire creators...the list goes on. )
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[First bit of this is slightly NSFW, content-wise.]

Jealous werewolves, dangeorus lunatics, and the difference between the two... )
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[Kris's notes have been eaten, and part of this recap has been classified. I think there's enough here to at least figure out what the fate of Colin Whitewood Senior the Asshole was.]

Norbrock: City of Stoners )
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But first, pictures of Electra and Iola!

elouai's doll maker 3

elouai's doll maker 3

Skeletons with shovels, cute necromancers with undead girlfriends, troll artists...all in a day's work. )
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[Hey, a recap that didn't take two weeks! For the record, bones and bridges is a form of the game we call backgammon. It's apparently one of the primal human games.]

Touched by an angel (bad touch! bad touch!) )
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[Finally! Sheesh. Now, more Minoan stuff.]

Electra, Argos, Martin, and Iola go out for a night on the town... )
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[It might have been a relatively straightforward underground session. Except in this city, nothing's ever straightforward...]

With friends like these, your enemies are only the start of your problems... )
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[Yes, that's right, it took me most of a week to get this finished. I was working on some other stuff. However, it's here and the next one should be sooner than this one.]

Electra, Argos, and Martin decide to stick their nose into something that isn't, strictly speaking, any of their business, and discover that in this city, collecting rocks can get you killed... )

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