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I’ve been taking care of two households for the past week or so; Bryan and Laura are on vacation, and I’m back down in Renton, housesitting and taking care of the animals.  Fortunately, at the moment my place in Issaquah doesn’t take a lot of taking care of.  I have a fishtank, which I’m doing a fishless cycle on and will be ready for inhabitants in another week or two; and I have plants, and the occasional package that shows up that has to be brought inside.

The animals are all asking what they’ve done to deserve their needs being tended by only one human.  This, they feel, is a far less than adequate number.  I had a friend over for movies yesterday, and Pip spent much of the time she was there leaning on her and looking up at her soulfully. 

I did pop up home this morning, to pick up a package that needed to be grabbed from the post office.  We’re having our usual late-May bout of summer weather in the area right now, and so the air was cool but rapidly warming when I stopped at home.  There’s a lingering chill coming off of the mountain, lurking under the tall pines and firs.  Welcome home, it says.  Welcome back.

I’ve joined a local gym and am working out three days a week, trying to convince my cardiovascular system that it is time to once again get with the program.  I’m banging against some writing, trying to get the crust that seems to have formed on me to come loose.  All these systems that have become stuck need to get unstuck, and now.

Patience.  Patience. 

I think I’m going to the coast this coming weekend, take the dogs and go on a mindful walk.  Blow some of the dust off.  

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The apartment is almost together!  I'm at the point where I'm unpacking a box a night or so, and I'm accumulating a rather significant pile of "figure out where this goes"--things like my iron, the box of extension cords, etc etc.  These things take time to decide.  And, of course, I am going to have to rearrange my kitchen sometime soon, as my method of unpacking was, "does it fit here? GOOD PUT IT THERE".  Which means there is zero rhyme or reason to where anything is.

I've come to terms with my living room furniture situation; having a side table does a lot to resign me to the couch and the chair overlapping.  And, you know, it's kinda cozy.  I like that.  

I was going to head up to Flower World sometime next week to pick up some plants for the patio, but I got a flyer in the mail yesterday from Squak Mt. Nursery...and I think I'm going to go there first. I like the fact that they concentrate on the Issaquah area in particular, and have suggestions for things that grow in this little town tucked beneath the mountains.

I've got a friend from Australia coming in today, so I'm going to go pick him up this afternoon.  And then there will be four days of concentrated sightseeing, which should be a lot of fun--i'm taking a couple of days off work next week to hang with him.  (Of course, part of the hanging out will include, "let's go to the grocery store and TJ's and Costco!" because I do need to do that too.)  And I will feed him weird stuff, because I do that.  :D
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...when you realize that your box spring is, in fact, backwards.  


It'll have to wait until I have someone over to fix it--it's reasonably trivial to fix with two people and nearly freaking impossible with one.  (It's a storage box spring, and so it really matters which way round it is--as it is, two drawers are inaccessible because my nightstands will block them.)

Anyway, the rest of the apartment is coming together.  I have a living room furniture problem, as my chair and a half isn't going to make it into my office, and the living room is small enough that no matter how I arrange the loveseat and the big chair, something's going to end up all awkward.  For the moment, until I figure out a solution (or possibly figure out how to get the chair into my office), they're sitting side by side.  Awkwardly.  And without leaving room for an end table.  I figure inspiration will strike once I have everything else laid out how I want it, particularly when I solve the problem of how the dining table should be arranged.

I spent last night getting the bathroom together and assembling a big-ass bookcase.  Ended up tearing up my fingers a little, but the bookcase is done and I got to shower in my bathroom this morning!  Which is terribly exciting, because it means I might get to deal with the rest of the boxes and pop down to Ikea this weekend for a last few things.

But first? I have a large pile of cardboard from Ikea boxes to deal with. 
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So, dude continued to blow me off. A total of seven times, actually.  Didn't show up Saturday, only sent me a message five hours after he was supposed to show.  When my landlady called him to see how things were going on Sunday, he told her that he was going in for neck surgery on Monday. he wasn't actually planning to show up at all, as far as I could tell.  I went ahead and finished the painting myself, and it looks fabulous if I do say so myself.  

(Poor guy...but i'd have appreciated it if he'd told me he couldn't make it to finish the job!)

Pictures later!
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So, when i moved to my new place, i wanted to paint the smaller bedroom (which was pink) and the bathroom (which was a bright mint).  My landlady requested that I use her painting guy.  Which, okay, that's cool, it means I don't have to do it myself, and a pro can paint a lot more quickly than I can.

So I make arrangements with this guy, and on the Saturday morning he's supposed to come paint I move everything out of my bedroom into my office, which is stuffed rather overfull.  I'd been putting off doing some of the unpacking, knowing that I was going to have to move out of those two rooms for a few days anyway.

So as I'm moving my bed, the painter calls. (it's about 20 minutes before he's supposed to be there.)  He's sick, his family's sick, but he can come by tomorrow and paint.  Ah, well, but it's copeable.  I go see the Hunger Games that night and crash at the hotel room I'd gotten because I expected to not have a bed.  When I come back, i set up my mattress on the floor so i can actually sleep at my place, which means that I have to climb over it to get to my office.

So he comes on Sunday, works about 4 hours and gets the painting job a good bit of the way done.  Ceilings are done, a couple coats on the bedroom, cutting in etc still needs to be done as well as the bathroom.  He comes out and says he needs to go pick up some medicine for his daughters, who are still sick, and he'll be back in a half hour to finish.

Six hours later, I figure out he's really not coming back.  He texts me and tells me that he ended up taking his kids to the emergency room, and that he can come by that night to finish...and about 8:45 PM, I call him to reschedule.  He tells me he'll come by Monday afternoon.

Monday about noon, he texts me to tell me he has an appointment he can't miss, can we change to Tuesday?  Well, sure, no problem.  Yesterday, i head home from work early and show up to wait for him...and wait.  And wait.  About 5:30, I text him asking him if he's coming.  No reply.

So this morning, I get a series of texts from him.  Evidently, his girlfriend had an unpaid ticket and got pulled over in his truck...and the truck and his cell phone got impounded.  So we're going to try this again tomorrow night.  At some point, if this isn't finished, I'm going to finish it myself.

So that is the Saga of Painting.  I am really hoping that this gets done, so I can finish moving in finally!
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My bus commute this morning was startlingly pleasant. (Well, aside from the 556 being standing room only, which is normal for that bus as far as I can tell.) Popped over to the transit center, parked, bus came 2 minutes later. At my transfer point, I had enough time to run in and get some coffee from the Starbucks that's right there before my next bus arrived, and then there was a shuttle waiting as I got off that bus.

Yes, my transit commute has 4 distinct segments: first-mile, two transit-center-to-transit-center legs, and last-mile. On mornings like today, it all works. Afternoons are waaaaaay more problematic, it seems, but I'm trying something different today, which might be better. I'm hoping to do the commute by bus 3-4 days a week, at least, so it behooves me to figure out the best way to get home.

My place is getting painted this weekend, and I have a reservation at a local hotel Saturday night, during which I will pretend to be a lady of leisure. And then Sunday will be lots of work, because I'll be able to finally get a lot of stuff settled that I can't right now.

Other nice things include actually feeling the itch to write again, getting to play ME3 finally, and oh look I finally have a dining table so I can sit down to eat.  I feel like I'm getting a handle on things, at last!  
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things that have been accomplished:
  1. bookshelves placed and earthquake strapped, books unpacked
  2. dresser assembled and filled, with help from [ profile] sagacious_rage
  3. office chair accomplished
  4. dishes and silverware obtained
  5. dishwasher run for the first time
  6. kitchen (mostly) unpacked
  7. convinced my laptop that it was in fact able to connect to the wireless router
  8. put together a dining chair--the other one's still waiting
Yet to do:
  1. put together the thing my TV will go on as well as a bookcase and a few other things
  2. keep unpacking--I'm getting there!
  3. various household-chore stuff
  4. arrange to have the bedroom and the bathroom painted
  5. ...I'm sure there's other stuff.  but right now, i'm going to go sit some kitties!

all moved!

Mar. 21st, 2012 10:12 am
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All of my stuff is over at my new place!  The move went as smoothly as it could have gone, barring difficulties getting Internet hooked up.  The place is a shambles at the moment--I need to put together my dresser as soon as I can manage it--but the furniture is all approximately in the right location.  Except for the stuff that needs assembling.  Which is a lot of it, actually.

More later, and maybe even pictures!
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...a few of them, at least. i'll be taking more when I get the key on Sunday.

living room
the living room. There's a lot of light in this place, which is one of the reasons I like it. The view out the window is a rock wall and the complex's cabana.  

The fireplace!

Kitchen. That's an island with a bar to the right--it's open to the living room.

bedroom (it's less pink irl)
The bedroom I'll be using to sleep in, which is significantly less pink in real life. (But i'm going to ask for permission to repaint it anyway.)

office closet office
Larger bedroom, aka my office and studio.

The bathroom, which will be the first thing to be repainted...probably in a bluer and lighter version of this color.
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  Packing proceeds apace!  My office is nearly done, and I have one part of a closet left as well as whatever might be in the garage. I conquered Zeno's Bookshelves (seriously, i wasn't sure I'd ever stop having books come off of them!), I've called for all of the utilities and such, and I even did my taxes because I'm awesome like that.

Of course, sleeping is sort of an issue--because I'm emotionally keyed up about the move, the slightest little thing can cause me to get little or no sleep during a nice.  I'm handling that as gracefully as I can manage, but I still feel like I could sleep for a few weeks.
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I have a friend who hasn't been on this coast long, and needs a new gig.  I'm trying to help her out, because there's nothing like networking for finding a new job!  Bridget's taught, has done play and event production, and is interested in getting into the gaming industry as a writer, level designer, or producer.  The industry's not critical, though.  She's not a coder, but she does know her way around a computer and she's done a bunch of online community management.  I can totally vouch for the fact that she's awesome.  

This is her LinkedIn:  
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So, there are Things Afoot.  I'm moving out of the house I've shared with Bryan and Laura for almost seven years in a few weeks.  I have a new place in Issaquah that I'm moving to, tucked right between Tiger, Cougar, and Squak Mountains..  The split has been entirely amicable, they're keeping the animals (the condo I'm moving to is no pets), and I'm likely going to hermit it up for a while before returning to my normal-for-me social life.  So those of you who haven't seen me around for a bit may start getting to see more of me this summer.  

There's something in those mountains that loves me and wants me to live near it.  It's the strangest feeling.  I suspect that I'm going to be doing a lot of hiking, trying to figure out what it is.

I'm doing all right.  Moving is always stressful, but I'm really looking forward to being done and moved in and such.  Bryan and Laura have been wonderful--they're truly stellar people, both of them.
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Today, Siobhan Carroll's story "Remains" was published in the Canadian Science Fiction Review. It's a story about vampires and their lovers...and those they leave behind.

We hear on the radio that a body has been found. A young woman lies facedown in a drainage ditch near Shimpling Park. Instantly, a cold tightness in the stomach. Is that her?

And so we listen, as though the radio’s thin crackle were the oracular voice of the dead.

Seriously, go read it. (Also, Siobhan made us watch the first "Twilight" movie while she was writing it, and I'm glad we got something fantastic for our pain. :)
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 THE MOST EPICLY AWESOMEST STORY! EVER!! , an epic flash piece by my good friend Randy Henderson, is now up at Everyday Fiction.  This was written for a panel on bad writing at Norwescon.  It is, if nothing else, a laundry list of What Not To Do.  It is hilarious, and, yes, awesome.  :)
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Dropping off most social networking for a couple of weeks to recharge batteries and get a project finished. Have fun, kidlets, and don't break the Internet while I'm gone.
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Had a lovely time. Will be a while recovering. Animals claim that they missed me. Pictures later.

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