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[Last story, along with the epilogue, which was a lot shorter than I thought it might be. New story begins probably this coming week or next, tentatively titled Shadows and Silk.]

Desperate times call for desperate measures...on both sides of this conflict. )
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[Minoan updates resume, yay! I have two more stories and, yes, an epilogue to go. The story is finished, I just have to finish writing the thing.]

The Temple of Porta is happy to see Theron. Well, at least until they figure out he's married... )
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[This has been done for over a week and I forgot to post it. Doh!]

Theron and Melitta arrive back in Knossos to discover a right mess waiting for them... )
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The first story of this series, finished.

Theron tries to get away from temptation. Unfortunately, someone has some other plans in mind for him... )
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This is a thumbnail sketch of the character I'll be running in the next solo campaign i'm doing with Storm. The place is Crete, during the Minoan period, about 1450BC.

(Minoan female dress, according to all of the art at the time, looked a lot like the painting at this link: . Bare breasts and all. Breasts didn't carry quite the connotations that most other cultures gave them, it seems.)

'I was lost from the first moment I saw her....' )

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