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[P.S. This one has wolves with frickin' laser beams coming from their eyes!]

The group finally goes to Kashi, and are appalled at what they find there... )
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The first of several Yesui stories I'll post over the next few days.

Sometimes, there are no good choices. )
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[and with this, I am caught up. Expect a few more weeks before the next set of installments.]

Nothing ever turns out like you expect... )
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[If you're just joining in, this is the fifth of five stories in this series that were posted today. You might want to hit the Shades of the Silent link and read from the first post today, if you're catching up.\

A Mongol never leaves a companion behind. Ever. )
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[This is the first of five and possibly six Shades of the Silent stories I'll be posting this weekend. I had to write through nearly the whole thing and look for good breaking points afterwards.]

Yesui and her companions discover that the brotherhood is a step ahead of them... )
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[spent most of the day yesterday writing--I have another story in this series finished but for editing, which i'll post tonight, very likely.]

the first artifact is found and acquired... )
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[The year is 1220, right at the beginning of Genghis Khan's invasion of the Khwarezmid Empire. The place is Otrar, the first city to fall in that invasion. A single Mongol scout has gone inside the walls, to watch and wait for a single object to begin to move...

Start of another cowritten thing.]

My first memory is of standing in a stream with my sister... )

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